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Compiled by Jason Andrukaitis

Self-wringing mop

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Connecticut Clean Room Corp. is now offering the new self-wringing Roll-O-Matic® mop with ergonomic extendable aluminum and stainless-steel handle. It works well for applying disinfectant to floors, walls, and ceilings in controlled environments or for general use. Handles and refills are available in cold rolled steel and stainless steel. CCRC offers special products that meet all critical manufacturing, industrial, and sanitary standards.

Connecticut Clean Room Corp.
Bristol, CT

Disinfecting wipes

Metrex Research Corp. announces CaviWipes, the newest member of its surface disinfection line. Its patented design offers a new easy-open/easy-close pull tab with slim, flexible packaging and adhesive-backed strips. Each flat pack contains convenient, durable, non-woven, non-abrasive disposable towelettes pre-saturated with CaviCide® surface disinfectant cleaner. CaviWipes in the new flat pack allow for easy placement of disinfectant wipes in areas with limited space, helping to maximize countertop and storage space. They are recommended to clean and disinfect hard, nonporous surfaces in settings such as hospitals, emergency medical settings, neonatal units, surgical centers, isolation areas, laboratories, patient care areas, dialysis centers, dental offices, emergency vehicles, police and fire vehicles, and other critical care areas where control of cross-contamination between treated surfaces is required. CaviWipes are tuberculocidal, bactericidal, virucidal, and fungicidal. They are proven to kill TB in 3 minutes and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), HIV-1, Hepatitis B virus, and Hepatitis C virus in 2 minutes.

Metrex Research Corp.
Orange, CA

Basket strainers

Basket strainers made of Kynar® PVDF are now available from Micromold Products, Inc. With higher capacity than Y-strainers, these units capture substantial undissolved solids. The highly corrosion resistant, all plastic FLUOR-O-SHIELD™ basket strainers enable higher operating temperatures (up to 300??F, 150??C) and cost less than lined steel or exotic metal units. The strainers remove suspended or waste solids from corrosive or high-purity fluid streams to prevent damage to sensitive downstream equipment. The strainers are impervious to ultraviolet radiation, are FDA compliant, and have high rigidity and resistance to creep under mechanical loads. The design offers the advantage of a compact envelope together with a high-capacity, slant-head PTFE cartridge for lower pressure drop and long cartridge life. An easily removable screw top and drain allow easy cartridge removal and quick clean-out. Encapsulated o-ring seals prevent blow-by and external leakage in this all-fluoropolymer wetted-surface construction. Sizes from 0.5 to 3 in. with a wide variety of connections and mesh screens are readily available for immediate delivery.

Micromold Products, Inc.
Yonkers, NY

Chromatography media

Millipore Corp. announces the availability of its ProSep Ultra Plus affinity chromatography medium for the capture and large-scale purification of higher-titer therapeutic antibodies. The medium is a protein A based affinity resin with the highest dynamic binding capacity and flow rate capability of any comparable resin on the market. The ProSep Ultra Plus medium can deliver a cost-effective solution to protein A affinity MAb capture processing. In addition, its rigid base matrix enables predictable scale-up and greater process flexibility, presenting users with the opportunity to reduce their equipment footprint.

Millipore Corp.
Billerica, MA

Vacuum inlet trap

A high capacity vacuum inlet trap for protecting vacuum pumps used in highly corrosive deposition processes is available from MV Products. The MV Multi-Trap® 16-in. vacuum inlet trap features a knock-down stage, two stages of user-selectable filter elements, and cooling coils for removing condensable byproducts and corrosives from deposition process forelines. Designed to protect vacuum pumps used in ALD, HCD, Nitride, TEOS, TiN, and other demanding processes, this trap is constructed from 304 stainless steel and is available with ISO 160 flanges. Capable of up to 2,500 in.3 of solids accumulation, depending upon material, the trap can be customized with the following filter options: stainless-steel gauze, micro-rated polypropylene, activated alumina or charcoal, Sodasorb®, and other types to remove residual solvent vapor acids and particulates. Filters offered are 4.5 and 9 in. tall. Price varies depending upon configuration.

MV Products, Division of Mass-Vac, Inc.
North Billerica, MA

HEPA filtered vacuum

Oneida Air Systems announces its new Gorilla Vac. Powered by dual 110-V motors and equipped with HEPA filtration, the vacuum brings a new level of power and portability to the industrial workplace. The industrial-quality vacuum exhibits no suction loss and twice the suction and volume of most vacuums. It is easy to clean and features HEPA filtration, seam-welded construction, and powder coat paint. The vacuum comes standard with a 35-gallon drum (55-gallon option available) with bag liners that make disposing of waste easy and convenient, and 25 ft. of 2-in. static dissipating hose.

Oneida Air Systems, Inc.
Syracuse, NY

Platinum cured tubing

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Qosina announces the addition of Class VI platinum cured tubing to its inventory. This coiled tubing has a 50A durometer and various I.D. and O.D. options for biotechnical, medical, and pharmaceutical applications. Platinum cured tubing provides many benefits over standard tubing, including smoother surfaces, higher purity, fewer leachables, better clarity, and lower protein binding. It also can withstand repeated compression for consistent, dependable performance.

Qosina Corp.
Edgewood, NY

Spray drying system

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Sono-Tek Corp. introduces the SonoDry 1000 spray drying system featuring precision, non-clogging ultrasonic spray nozzles. It is suitable for aqueous/aqueous + solvents/solvents feeds. Featuring an ambient drying temperature of 250??C, accuracy of ??1??C (steps of 0.1??C through PLC), and an air heater capacity of 1.8 kW, this model has a blower capacity of 120 nm3/hour, 0 to 250 mm of water column vacuum, and a feed pump capacity of 1,600 ml/hour with a 2-mm I.D. tube controlled through PLC. Weighing 90 kg, the SonoDry 1000 is portable on wheels and has dimensions of 650 x 1,625 x 55 mm. The low-velocity, soft atomized ultrasonic spray allows for small batches and test samples. The user can maintain precise control of processes with very low flow rates. SonoDry spray dryers also offer flexibility in choosing the ultrasonic atomizer’s nozzle frequency, allowing for customization of drop sizes.

Sono-Tek Corp.
Milton, NY

Biological safety cabinet

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. introduces the new 1300 Series A2 Class II biological safety cabinet. The 1300 platform offers significantly improved energy efficiency, simpler operation, and less maintenance than traditional cabinets. These features make both the 4-ft. and 6-ft. wide models suitable options for all laboratories that require stringent safety performance with reduced energy consumption. The cabinet offers advanced internal airflow and motor technology. At full speed, the motors consume significantly less energy than standard cabinets. To further conserve energy, the intelligent speed control automatically reduces blower speed to 30 percent when the window is closed. This unique technology extends HEPA filter life while ensuring a sterile working environment and saving energy to minimize operating costs. Noise output has also been reduced to <63 dB(A) (4-ft. model), increasing user comfort. In addition, a simple-to-operate microprocessor control clearly displays essential operational, safety, and service data. All removable components, including the HEPA filters, can be changed from the front. The optional UV light is programmable from 1 to 24 hours, reducing the need for bulb replacement, and the selection of fixed and adjustable stands provides the correct working height for all situations.

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.
Milford, MA

Aseptic sanitization system

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A new system that employs pulsed UV light to achieve bioreduction and surface sanitization of boxes, bags, and carts prior to entering an aseptic room is being introduced by Xenon Corp. The SteriPulse® RS-3000 aseptic sanitization system is designed to eliminate any biocontaminants from packages entering an aseptic room, instantly and safely, without heat or chemicals. Featuring pulsed UV light technology to disinfect the packages, this system is capable of 4 log kill in less than 1 second, making it ideal for high-speed, in-line conveyor systems. Faster, safer, and more effective than chemicals, the system is totally “green” and the UV light exposure significantly reduces the possibility of having infected packages that are stored at a loading dock in a dirty area from entering an aseptic room. Modular system components include lamps, a controller, and a power supply. Literature and price quotations are available upon request.

Xenon Corp.
Wilmington, MA

Handheld ESD event detector

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The 3M brand ESD Pro Event Detector is a hand-held indicator of ESD events that detects and counts discharges and shows the relative electrical strength of each ESD event on a bar graph display. The portable 3M ESD Pro Event Detector serves as a quick measure of the effectiveness of ESD protection, which is particularly important in sensitive component applications such as electronics assembly, semiconductor, medical, and disk drive device manufacturing. Small and thin enough to fit in a shirt pocket, ESD Pro offers simple-to-use variable settings of discharge alarm thresholds to detect and count only ESD events that exceed the user-set threshold. On each discharge, ESD Pro provides an audio alarm and a 10-LED bargraph to show the relative strength of detected ESD events. If the discharge exceeds the set alarm level, the LEDs turn red. The unit’s four-digit counter provides a count of discharges occurring above the set threshold, while disregarding those programmed as insignificant. ESD Pro can measure multiple consecutive discharges in an ESD event. The detector’s proprietary waveform analysis algorithm in its charge device model (CDM) mode rejects most non-ESD EMI events to provide accurate detection of legitimate discharges in noisy environments.

St. Paul, MN

Downflow workstation

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The new DWS range of downflow workstations from Air Science provides operator safety where routine work is being carried out. These units operate at low noise levels and because they recirculate, they do not exhaust expensive conditioned and/or heated air into the atmosphere. The workstations have been specifically designed to provide a small bench mounted unit with unrestricted access for those operations that are difficult to perform in a conventional fume hood. To provide protection, the downflow action takes the contaminated air away from the operator and an alarm will sound when the airflow falls to an unacceptable level. The main filter can be chosen from 14 different types of carbon, which include specialty media for vapors from organics, solvents, acids, mercury, and formaldehyde. HEPA filters for particulate filtration are also available to suit the application.

Air Science Technologies Ltd.
Formby, Liverpool, UK

Solar cell metallization screen printer

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DEK introduces the PVP1200 screen printer capable of 1,200 wafers-per-hour throughput and offering advanced automated features for high speed and repeatability. Six-sigma repeatability at ??12.5-µm resolution demonstrates capability in advance of current requirements for solar cell frontside and backside metallization. Optimized for solar cell metallization, the PVP1200 is compatible with wafer sizes up to 125 x 125 mm or 156 x 156 mm in square or pseudo-square formats. The handling and support mechanisms are suitable for wafer thicknesses from 1 mm down to 120 µm. Special features for solar cell applications include dedicated handling for thin wafers and high-speed machine vision capabilities. The printer has menu-driven software enabling intuitive control of complex processes via a full-color TFT-LCD touchscreen. Other management and communication facilities include on-board statistical process control software, integrated 10/100 LAN connectivity, and a USB 2.0 interface. Standard services required are 110 to 240 V single-phase AC mains and ISO 8573.1 Standard Quality Class 2.3.3 air supply at 4 to 8 bar.

DEK International
Weymouth, UK

LCD controller

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Digital View’s HE-1920 is a fully buffered multi-sync interface controller that provides analog and digital connections for large format, high-definition TFT LCDs. The controller is designed to comply with the strict standards required for the harsh environments encountered in military and rugged industrial applications. Designed to aid manufacturers’ building of hardened panel display systems requiring advanced capabilities such as high resolution and high definition, the controller features wide tolerance power supplies (12 VDC ??25 percent), locking connectors, and low-mass tantalum capacitors for maximum tolerance to shock and vibration. The controller has Mil-Spec silicon resin conformal coating, a laboratory-certified operating temperature range of ???40?? to +80??C, and calculated MTBF in excess of 100K hours, with full RoHS compliance. The unit provides analog and digital connections for a wide range of TFT-LCD panels up to WUXGA resolution (1,920 x 1,200 pixels). It features full-screen image expansion of lower resolutions, image flip and invert functions, and onscreen PIP functions. The unit also features a 16-bit ITU 605 bus connector designed to permit developers to independently create proprietary hardware interfaces for the controller.

Digital View, Inc.
Morgan Hill, CA

Pressure transmitter

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Dwyer Instruments, Inc. announces the release of its new Series 610 low differential pressure transmitter. The transmitter is capable of measuring the pressure and flow of air or non-conducting gases at greater resolution in cleanrooms, isolation rooms, and other critical environments. The unit uses an all stainless steel micro-tig welded sensor to detect differential pressure and convert this pressure into a linear DC electrical signal by a unique electronic circuit. Easy access pressure ports and electrical connections, removable heads, and detachable terminal blocks make for fast and easy installation. The transmitter can be ordered with either a base mount or a din rail mount and the option of a digital read out display. In addition, a calibration key can be ordered that allows the user to set zero and span. One key will work on multiple transmitters.

Dwyer Instruments, Inc.
Michigan City, IN

Indoor air filters

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Euromate introduces two new main filters for the VisionAir air cleaner in order to tackle the problems of polluted indoor air. The EnzyMax is a filter that destroys microorganisms such as viruses, fungi, and bacteria. The filter includes an enzyme that is also found in the human body, where it offers protection against attacks by microorganisms. The enzymes on the filter penetrate the microorganisms’ walls and destroy them. This prevents health complaints such as headache, irritations of the throat and nose, and loss of concentration. The CarbonMax is an activated carbon filter that has been specifically developed to filter the widest possible spectrum of harmful gases and unpleasant odors. The V-shape filter construction holds the air longer, resulting in a better purification. The filter contains 4.2 kg of activated carbon, which allows long-lasting operation and a long standby time.

Euromate B.V.
Alkmaar, the Netherlands

Antimicrobial solutions

FreshFx® antimicrobial solutions are safe, effective, and environmentally sound and protect against pathogens such as Salmonella, E. coli, Campylobacter, and Listeria. Poultry processing plants use these solutions to improve water quality, product quality, and plant safety. The solutions are safe and non-toxic. The antimicrobials are most effective and economical when reused throughout the poultry processing line. FreshFx can be used to acidify processing waters anywhere chlorine is used, enhancing the microbial killing power of chlorine. The solutions are also pre-mixed, allowing for more consistent pH control and cutting down on accidents that produce off-gassing.

SteriFx, Inc.
Shreveport, LA

TGA-MS system

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Optimized specifically for monitoring fast evolved-gas events, the latest update of the Hiden HPR-20 TGA benchtop mass spectrometer features a state-of-the-art integrated interface and analysis system for real-time unequivocal detection of multiple gaseous species to 500 amu. The system is suited for use in diverse thermo/thermogravimetric applications and incorporates comprehensive data analysis programs for combined presentation of gas species and abundances, process temperature status, and evolution rates. The quartz internal surfaces of the QIC (quartz inlet capillary) process interface ensure optimum sample integrity through the transfer stage to the close coupled mass spectrometer ionization region, and minimized internal volumes enable response times of 100 msec. Custom designed adapters, with interface transfer temperatures to 200??C and balanced flow rates to 1 scc/minute, provide for connection to diverse TA/TGA systems. The independently heated interface connections avoid cold spots and an optional hot sample adapter is available for 1,000??C operations. Routine maintenance procedures are simplified by the distinctive open architecture design. All critical sampling components are fully user replaceable.

Hiden Analytical Ltd.
Livonia, MI

Isolator sampling system

Monitoring of the atmosphere inside isolators is very critical in maintaining high quality standards. There are risks in using portable environmental samplers because they must be introduced each time a sample is taken. The SAS-Isolator from International pbi is a dedicated instrument for this application. The sampling aspirating chamber of the SAS-Isolator is compact, manufactured in stainless steel, and separated from the control unit. The compact design saves space inside the isolator. The connection is only for power and doesn’t compromise the isolator integrity. It is also very easy to install. The simplicity of the system avoids the extraction and control of air, eliminating risk of contamination.

International pbi S.p.a.
Milan, Italy

ESD wrist strap

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JDV Products Inc. announces a new ESD wrist strap from VESSEL Co. (model EPS-01). The strap is well-suited for preventing static electricity during assembly operation on electronic equipment and components. When operators are not properly grounded, the unique blinking LED indicator as well as a high octave alarm sound will notify them. Also, the built-in LED alarm will notify the technician on low battery life when it reaches below 20 percent. These special alarms help technicians and supervisors manage static electricity within the assembly process. Other special features include a built-in 1 MΩ resistor; a comfortable, stretch-free, non-allergy synthetic band; high class SUS316L stainless-steel construction; sensitivity adjustment trimmer for checking poor grounding; 6-ft. cord; alligator clip; on/off switch; and RoHS compliance.

JDV Products, Inc.
Fairlawn, NJ

Syringe pump

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The KD Scientific Model KDS 310 syringe pump is well-suited for pumping radioactive chemicals where a beta or gamma shield must be present due to its remote pumping unit and control box. The control box can be located up to 6 ft. away, which permits it to be located behind a radioactive shield providing protection to the operator while delivering the injection. The KDS 310 nano pump is used exclusively with micro syringes in sizes from 0.5 to 250 µl. Small size, a remote control, and a rugged mounting arm make it suited for use with micromanipulators, stereotaxic frames, and other clamping devices. When used on a stereotaxic frame, direct injection can be performed, reducing the volume of sample required. The microprocessor-based controller uses a bright display and membrane keypad with a simple, menu-prompt system for easy setup. The pump features preset rate and volume controls. The dispense volume is displayed continuously and the pump shuts off automatically when the preset volume has been reached.

KD Scientific, Inc.
Holliston, MA

Shaft collars and couplings

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A line of 316 stainless steel shaft collars and couplings is available from Stafford Manufacturing Corp. Stafford 316 SST collars and couplings are designed for use with mixing equipment, drive systems, conveyors, and other machinery exposed to harsh chemicals, solvents, or frequent wash-downs. Featuring one- and two-piece clamp-type and set-screw styles, the products are offered with 18-8 stainless steel or 316 SST fasteners and various bore configurations including keyways. Available in sizes from 1/4- to 10-in. I.D., the collars can be supplied with round, square, and hex bores either smooth or threaded. Couplings come in 1/4- to 3-in. I.D. sizes with straight and stepped bores and keyways. Specials can include mounting holes, flats, knurls, and hinges.

Stafford Manufacturing Corp.
Wilmington, MA

Liquid chromatography columns

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Supelco®, a division of Sigma-Aldrich, introduces Ascentis® Express HILIC HPLC columns for high-speed and high-efficiency separations. The columns are designed to provide the analysis speed and resolving power of sub-2-µm columns with a 50 percent reduction in backpressure. The columns can perform high-speed and high-resolution analyses on highly polar compounds. The enabling technology for the columns is the Fused-Core™ particle. These high-purity silica particles measure 2.7 µm overall with a 0.5-µm thick porous shell. Relative to columns using conventional sub-2-µm particles, Ascentis Express columns generate comparable efficiencies with half the backpressure.

Sigma-Aldrich Co.
St. Louis, MO

Dual cold probe

Varian, Inc. announces its new XSens™ dual cold probe designed for use with the Varian NMR system. The probe is the company’s most sensitive probe for 13C detected NMR experiments. The probe offers productivity and data quality enhancements for researchers in pharmaceutical, agricultural, chemical, and academic laboratories involved in the characterization of quantity-limited samples of natural products, reaction intermediates, metabolites, and trace contaminants. The probe greatly increases 13C sensitivity and reduces acquisition time 100-fold compared to a room temperature dual broadband probe (RT DB). It also offers a significantly improved 1H sensitivity, reducing acquisition time for 1H detected experiments 75-fold compared to a RT DB probe. In addition to increasing throughput, the enhanced sensitivity for 13C makes it easier for researchers to take advantage of the simpler spectral information available from 13C experiments.

Varian, Inc.
Palo Alto, CA