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Solid State Technology

Year 2005
Issue 12


Editorial Board

Advances in 3-D Electronics

The earliest electrical circuits appeared to be 3-D; discrete wires interconnecting circuit elements in 3 dimensions.

Notable Developments

Solder Bumping Single Die

Although computers and simulation software have accelerated product development, most electronic products eventually reach the traditional developmental stages of prototypes and samples.

New Products


Industry Voices

Wafer-level Processes are Going Backwards-compatible

Whichever way you read the data or interpret the signs, modern product lifecycles are diminishing quickly enough to stretch the limits of feasibility.


In the News


Looking Forward

In the month of December, as one year nears its close, I begin to think about where the world of advanced packaging has been and will go.


Marking Electronics Prod

Marking Electronics Products and Packages

Choosing the Right Method

Solder Bumping For Emerg

Solder Bumping for Emerging Wafer-level Packages

Expanding Technologies Match Demand

Investigating Electronic

Investigating Electronics Cooling Technologies

An alternative to pure thermals

Probe Cards Enable Wafer

Probe Cards Enable Wafer-level Test

Reducing Cost of Test

High Definition X Ray In

High-definition X-ray Inspection

Understanding the uses and limitations

Cover Story

The Inspection Connection 2

Latest Technologies in Optical Inspection