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Solid State Technology

Year 2005
Issue 11


Editorial Board

A Bumpy Trip for Solder Bumping

A recent study projects a major shift in the relative market shares of the most common solder bumping methods.

New Products



In the News

Packaging Trends

Automating IC Package Design

With advances in semiconductor fabrication driving into the nanometer range comes more pressure on IC packaging technologies to meet the needs of new devices.

Notable Developments

Nanomaterials Promise Innovative Solutions

In today’s rapidly changing packaging environment, board assemblers find themselves caught between two converging trend lines.

Industry Voices

Lead-free Impact on Wafer Bumping & Wafer-level Packaging

With the July 2006 date for implementation of the EU’s RoHS and WEEE Directives looming, most, if not all producers of electronic products are studying prospective technologies and looking for potential solutions for assembling products using lead-free solders.


Private Moments

There are times when we get so caught up in the news, natural emergencies, and keeping up with the latest technological whiz-bangs that we lose perspective.


Lead Free Wlcsp Qualific

Lead-free WLCSP Qualification

A Consumer Electronics Case Study

The Back End Process

IC Sockets:

A Critical Role in Back-end ATE Testing

Thermally Enhanced Next

Thermally Enhanced, Next-generation 3-D Power Packages

A Heat-Management Solution

Rfid Chip Assembly For 0

RFID Chip Assembly for 0.1 Cent?

Future possibilities for RFID development

Cover Story

Solder Bumping

Mastering Challenges of Lead-free Alloys