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Solid State Technology

Year 2005
Issue 4



The Latest in Packaging Research

Every now and then, it’s especially good to step out of your normal activities and see what’s going on at other companies and universities.


In The News

Industry Voices

The ‘Other’ Tin Issue: Tin Pest

Most IC packaging technologists are aware of this “other” issue, but this topic has never required serious consideration.

Packaging Trends

Subcontractor Update: Up in 2004, Uncertainty into 2005

The major assembly and test subcontractors ended 2004 with revenues up significantly over 2003, but with a slowing trend leading into 2005.

New Products

New Products

Editorial Board

Extreme-Environment Electronics for the Future

Electronics have dramatically changed the way we live, conduct business, communicate, and educate.


Evolution Of Organic Fli

Evolution of Organic Flip Chip Packaging

Packaging Technology Ready For Change

The Back End Process

Automating Hybrid Circuit Assembly

Die Attach

What Is Ic Package Co De

What Is IC/Package Co-design?

Enabling Global Optimization & Characterization of Design

Cover Story

Through-wafer Via Etching

The technical challenges and the manufacturing complexity confronting conventional methods of increasing IC device density in 2-D are increasing at a high rate.