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Solid State Technology

Year 2007
Issue 6


Editorial Board

Plans Are Nothing; Planning Is Everything

This well-worn axiom from a top military planner, General Dwight D. Eisenhower, describes the mindset necessary to survive and prevail in the melee of business.

Advanced Packaging Award

The APAs: Honoring Industry Innovation

In a ceremony on July 18, 2007, Advanced Packaging celebrated the 7th Annual APA awards.

Trade Show Floor

Back-end Processes Take Center Stage at SEMICON West

Whether the topic of discussion was yield management, reducing cost of production and test, the next area of industry expansion, or where a company is realizing the greatest revenue, back-end assembly and test was the focus at SEMICON West 2007.


In the News

Advanced Packaging Road

All That Glitters

Semiconductor Packaging Materials, Armonk, NY


Conspicuous Collaboration

At SEMICON West this year, steps towards efficiency, collaboration, and relationship-building were evident everywhere.


Solutions And Solvents F

Solutions and Solvents for Removing Silicone: A Practical Guide

Silicone adhesives are becoming more widely used in microelectronic hybrid assemblies due to their inherently low elastic modulus, which relieves stress between substrates with different coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) during thermal cycling.

The Back End Process

Flux and Underfill Compatibility in a Lead-free Environment

Since their introduction nearly 20 years ago, the benefits of integrating flip chips into modern devices have been well proven.

Wafer Coating Advancemen

Wafer Coating Advancements for Packaging Applications

Demand for continuous reductions in semiconductor package height are coming from several directions, most notably memory chip vendors seeking increased density to meet aggressive price-performance roadmaps.

Cover Story

Single Wafer Surface Conditioning

The need for back-side metal adhesion and solder contact for ultra-thin, discrete, high-power semiconductor devices has increased significantly over the past several years.