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Solid State Technology

Year 2007
Issue 3


Editorial Board

Doesn’t Happen Often

Nearly a year after the presentation of “A Case for Socket Reuse,” by Paul Gaschke of IBM, at the 2006 Burn-in and Test Socket (BiTS) Workshop, I wondered whether compression-mount sockets (which enabled the socket reuse he described) were seeing more widespread acceptance and application by users, and being added to suppliers’ product portfolios.

Trade Show Floor

The Customer Is King at APEX/IPC Printed Circuits Expo 2007

In the electronics industry, the road to success is no longer paved only with state-of-the-art equipment, technologies, or materials.


AP Interview: Ann Witvrouw, manager, MEMS integration research program, IMEC

Advanced Packaging talked with IMEC’s Ann Witvrouw about recent developments in MEMS and CMOS processing, and how the technology could lead to advanced packaging techniques across the spectrum of MEMS structures.


Customer is King at APEX/IPC Printed Circuits Expo

In the electronics industry, the road to success is no longer paved only with state-of-the-art equipment, technologies, or materials.

Industry Voices

Wafer Dicing and Thinning

If you had told me seven years ago that the industry would consider spending around $30 million for lithography tools (immersion 193 nm), I would have laughed out loud.

Notable Developments

Innovative Method for Bonding and Interconnect: A 3D Subsystem Solution

Novel wafer-level 3D technologies will enable cell phone and other mobile equipment designers to achieve greater circuit density and/or significant cost savings, versus designs that make use of chips in traditional leadframe packages.

Advanced Packaging Road

Welcome to Nerdvana!

We had a great turnout for our visit to Vectron International, in Hudson, NH.


BiTS and Pieces

The snow in New England was turning gray. Even skiing had lost its appeal.


The Back End Process

Die-attach Materials and Processes

The die-attach layer has two main functions: mechanical fixation of the die on its substrate, and dissipation of heat generated in the die. Especially in power and high-power applications, generated heat density is high.


Cleaning with Aqueous TMAH: An Environmentally Friendly Alternative

Conductive paste screening on green sheet through a mask is a common technique to delineate desired circuitry for ceramic modules.

Wafer Level Packaging

Advanced Ceramic Heaters

Two common processes used to attach die to the pad or cavity of the package’s support structure are adhesive and eutectic die attach.

Cover Story

Nanobump Flip Chips: Realizing the Advantages

While research in nano-transistors and nanotube wiring has been widely publicized, few seem to realize that a less glamorous application of nanotechnology in microelectronics device packaging appears closer to commercial reality.