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Solid State Technology

Year 2007
Issue 2


Editorial Board

Technology Investment Strategies to Meet Future Product Needs

t the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), convergence, or the merging of PCs, TVs, cell phones, and other devices that enable access to diverse and growing content, was a key theme.

New Products

New Products


Meet the Press at BiTS

Attendees at the 8th Annual Burn-in Test and Sockets Workshop (BiTS), March 11-14 in Mesa, AZ, are invited to Advanced Packaging’s Meet the Press, March 12th at 5pm to learn about general market trends in the sockets industry.


API Diversifies with MEMS

TORONTO - API Nanotronics Corp. closed acquisition of National Hybrid Inc.


Synova Boosts Korea Presence

SEOUL, South Korea- Synova received tool orders from a Korea-based organic LED (OLED) manufacturer and a U.S.-based semiconductor manufacturer’s Korea facility.

Industry Voices

Chips-first Approach to System-on-chip

System-on-chip (SoC) is a concept that has been proposed and, to some extent, introduced into the electronics marketplace.

Packaging Trends

3-D Integration Is the Way to Go

The need for system-size reduction, high-performance interconnects, and heterogeneous integration of true system-on-chip (SoC) is driving the packaging world towards 3-D chip integration.


“Can I Order a Double Stack?”

SINGAPORE - In a bid for the mobile handset market, STATS ChipPAC developed a method of stacking 3-D packages, creating a package-on-package (PoP) with up to seven stacked die.


The Thermal Management Equation

Theories on thermal management rival, in number and variety, strategies for winning the Super Bowl or baking the perfect loaf of bread.

Advanced Packaging Road

Achtung Baby!


Practical Electronics 101

This issue of Advanced Packaging stands out for me because I had a chance to get to know more about practical issues that revolve around sockets.


The Back End Process

Wafer Dicing: A Sticky Situation

Wafer dicing processes are no longer limited to the basic principle of separating a silicon wafer into individual die.

Nanotech X Ray Systems A

Nanotech X-ray Systems: A Point of Focus

The term “nanotechnology” is no longer new to most of us, thanks, in part, to the media. Developments recently made to open-type X-ray sources and X-ray imaging detectors may provide an end-user with the ability to image features in the nanometer range.

Package Design

Satisfying the Appetite of Power-hungry Chips

Increasing complexity of chips - more transistors operating faster at lower and varied voltages with more I/O - is a well-known phenomenon.

Wire Bond Technology The

Wire Bond Technology: The Great Debate: Ball vs. Wedge

Over the years, microelectronic wire bond process and packaging engineers have debated whether to use ball- or wedge-bond technologies.

Cover Story

Sockets Meet Future Technology Challenges: Part I

Though the basic requirement of sockets remains unchanged - making a stable electrical contact from the device to the PCB - the future holds even more demands on this important electrical/mechanical device.


Embedded Thermoelectric

Embedded Thermoelectric Coolers for High-performance ICs: Taking the Edge off Hot Spots

anufacturers and OEMs need a package-level cooling solution that provides cooling in close proximity to the chip, to cool hot spots and smooth out non-uniform power dissipation.

Compact Thermal Modeling

Compact Thermal Modeling: Impacting the industry

Simulation tools for thermal modeling of semiconductor packages have become routine in most design processes.

Taking The Heat Transfor

Taking the Heat: Transforming Thermal Management through Phase Change Materials

When it comes to electronic products, the more power, speed, and functionality jammed into a smaller package, the better.

Cool Your Heels.html

Cool Your Heels

Have you ever taken a Latin dance class? At first glance, everyone comes off as shy, and then the movement heats up.