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Solid State Technology

Year 2009
Issue 1



Gone Fishing

I really like fly fishing. I’ve always wanted a fishing rod of my own, not one left over from an older brother’s stock of cast-offs, but a number 6 Orvis with just the right balance and flexibility for my style of trout fishing.

Editorial Board

Localized Cooling for Data Centers

For the past 50 years, the thermal management industry has offered only heatsinks, fans, and thermal grease as methods for electronics thermal management.

In The News

EV Group and Brewer Science Establish Ultra-thin Wafer Bonding Lab

In response to a call for localized support and increased demand of 3D IC process development in Asia Pacific, EV Group (EVG) and Brewer Science, Inc. have set out to outfit an ultra-thin wafer bonding lab in Taiwan.

Advanced Packaging Road

Behind the Scenes

On a picture-perfect day in October, the Advanced Packaging roadshow crew took to the autobahn from Stuttgart, Germany to Hanau, to tour Umicore Electronic Materials.


The Back End Process

Comparing Package Bond Thermal Performance

Thermal Simulation Cuts Cost.

Solder Free Connectors U

Solder-free Connectors Using Buckled Pillars

A novel use of stud bumping equipment has enabled the development of buckled pillar connectors for 3D assemblies that are put together with screws rather than solder.

Cover Story

Weathering the Storm Together

What were the most significant technological advancements in our industry in 2008?

Through Wafer Inspection

Through-wafer Inspection for MEMS Devices — a Comparison

Defect detection within MEMS devices is vital to ensure their operation, but many mechanical properties cannot be determined through electrical or functional test.