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Solid State Technology

Year 2006
Issue 5



Private funding poised to increase as nanomanufacturing gets real

The money is a flowin’…that is, if you are a late-stage company working in semiconductors, computing, energy or bio.

Book Review

A peak at the early adopters gives glimpse of nano’s future

Nanotechnology is a tricky topic for books. Researchers worldwide make discoveries monthly, and sometimes it seems daily.

Guest Column

Export controls: Are they really a big deal for small companies?

SmallCo is a hypothetical start-up. It’s been in business for about six months but does not yet have a product to sell.

Letter From The Editor


This issue of Small Times marks many milestones. It marks the fifth anniversary of our initial print publication.


Cover Story

Turn on a dime: putting tilt nav into handhelds

Motion sensing is quickly becoming the next critical technology to enable innovative applications for the handheld consumer market.


Laying down the future of semiconductor manufacturing

Arthur del Prado has been sitting at the head table of the semiconductor industry since practically day one.

Global Watch

The best defense is a good ... relationship

Military markets can help a company grow but don’t underestimate the challenges

Cover Story

Ecosmart: Could being green be easier than we thought?

On a stifling hot summer day in New England, Dan Coughlin probably likes nothing better than the shade of a nearby nanotech fabrication laboratory.

Cover Story

Case study: In-line metrology provides hands-free MEMS manufacturing

More MEMS companies are going fabless every day and pushing production and process development to contract manufacturers and foundries.

Cover Story

A package deal: enabling silicon resonators

Silicon resonators are by no means novel technology. They have been demonstrated in laboratories for more than 30 years.

Small World

Oh say can you see?

Seeing is believing, at least for the Guinness Book of World Records, which recently turned down a submission from a team of University of Texas students who spent months building a three-dimensional, seven-micron-tall American flag that they claim is the world’s smallest.

Cover Story

Critical balance: Going fabless while designing MEMS for package and test

Manufacturers and other MEMS players have come to realize the importance of incorporating packaging into the design and manufacturing process.

Small World

Catching the nanotech wave

A team of engineers from Oceanit Laboratories in Hawaii are making big waves in the nanotech community with a nanotech-empowered surfboard.


Lifetime Achievement

Endo cultivates catalytic growth - of nanotubes and nano industry

You could say Morinobu Endo is one of the fathers of the carbon nanotube. Even though he didn’t call his intellectual offspring by that name, he began working with carbon nanotubes and related materials in the mid-1970s, back when the “micro”-scale was still the latest thing.


Shining a light into nano’s uncharted application areas

Everyone knows carbon nanotubes have tremendous potential, but who expected that they might work as flashlights? Answer: IBM researcher Jia Chen.


Creativity provides Tour with nano car

It’s not surprising that the world’s first nanocar would be invented by the Tour group.


Lobbying for a nationwide industry from a Midwest perch

Go to any meeting sponsored by the NanoBusiness Alliance and you’ll see Sean Murdock in half a dozen places at once - introducing speakers, making sure things are running smoothly, and furiously hobnobbing in the hallways.


CardioMEMS gets past FDA and into patients

Cardiovascular disease kills vast numbers of people and comprises a large share of America’s healthcare expenditures.

Business Leader

Taking NeoPhotonics from tiny startup to global player

Last year Tim Jenks pulled off one of the hardest tricks in the global economy: He merged his company with another one.


The very image of a cutting-edge nanotechnology tool

You might think a scientific tool called the Titan would be used to study gargantuan things, but FEI’s Titan scanning/transmission electron microscope peers into the diminutive - in fact, the smallest ever seen by a commercial instrument.



Nanobio tool in search of a few good applications

Eric Henderson worked for years with atomic force microscopes while he was doing research work at Iowa State.

Rampd Updates



Legal Updates

Legal association points to EPA as nano regulator

An American Bar Association committee of attorneys has concluded that no major changes are required in statutes to bring nanotech products and processes under the jurisdiction of the Environmental Protection Agency.


Equity financing

Download a PDF of Equity and debt financing.


Let’s talk margins, not just ‘investment stories’

I have long been stating that it is especially important for companies working in the field of micro-nano and molecular technologies to properly assess their true market opportunities.


Tech Clusters 101: What a region needs for success

Technology clusters - geographic concentrations of companies, suppliers and institutions specializing in a particular field - first became prominent in the Route 128 area of Boston in the early 1940s to support U.S. military involvement in World War II.

State Rankings

State Rankings

The second category - industry - of our state rankings shows California and Massachusetts taking the top two slots once again.