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Solid State Technology

Year 2006
Issue 3


Guest Column

Industry should take lead with media when an event like a recall occurs

By now we should have learned some key facts about a Magic Nano consumer recall in Germany.

Guest Column

Investment banking 101: How to hire the right M&A expert

The first bit of strategy needed to complete a strategic transaction occurs well before the buying and selling of a company.

Guest Column

Ignorance over patent reforms could make your nano tech fortune a flash in the pan

In 1849, gold was found at Sutter’s Mill in California. Alas, John Sutter never prospered by this discovery.

Letter From The Editor

Dear reader

Chris Mather had some reservations about my proposal, and for good reason. The idea was, well, unconventional.


Special Report

Strategic placement of labs reduces cost of building facilities

Phil Haswell faced a formidable challenge. As the director of facilities for the engineering faculty at the University of Alberta, he was charged with finding the ideal location for the National Institute for Nanotechnology facility on the university’s Edmonton campus.

Special Report

Toppling disciplinary walls

Centers’ designs, philosophies foster collaboration

Global Watch

MEMS II: return of the fabs

Those that survived the shakeout are coming on strong


Timing’s right for MEMS veteran Petersen

In the MEMS community, Kurt Petersen is among the legends. A paper he authored more than two decades ago about the mechanical properties of silicon paved the way for devices that have become the bread-and-butter for the MEMS industry.

Cover Story

Top 10 universities by category

The Small Times university survey included 26 questions about funding, facilities, patenting, company formation, collaborations with industry, research, publishing, and micro and nano-specific courses and degree programs.

Cover Story

Gateway to greatness

A guide for students, researchers, inventors and CEOs

From The Front

Nanomaterials sales

They’re smaller. They’re better.

Small World

Chemist’s nanofiber designs are no mere carbon copies

Terry Devitt meant it as a joke. The director of research communications at the University of Wisconsin-Madison had asked UW chemistry professor Robert Hamers if he could make the school’s mascot, Bucky Badger, out of carbon nanofibers.

Small World

Don’t try this at home, kids - well, actually...

The term “cottage industry” usually evokes images of rural workers spinning textiles or hip urban geeks building Web sites in their loft apartments.


Rampd Updates



MEMS temperature regulator hitches a ride into space

NASA’s current space mission was designed to demonstrate that good things come in small packages - and part of its plan is to showcase the role MEMS can play in space.


European Union targets food quality, safety

Industry pinpoints research areas for $20 million GoodFood project



Analyzing the analysts when they don’t agree

When market analysts are right, they are revered. When they’re wrong, they’re reviled.


Equity and debt financing