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Solid State Technology

Year 2006
Issue 2


Guest Column

Small businesses can opt to outsource human resources and employee services

The fast changing world of micro and nanotechnology development demands that its businesses focus on their core products and services.


Casual investors will chase the next trend but the stalwart will stick with nano

Being a numbers person, I’m always looking for meaning in data. The recent IBF Nanotech Investing Forum in California provided new information that begs some analysis.

Guest Column

How to minimize risk of losing patent rights if products are used in public or offered for sale

When an invention appears potentially patentable, the inventor should consult with a patent attorney without delay.

Book Review

A look at nanotech from many perspectives and professions

The nanoworld is a baffling place. With nanoscience still in its infancy, much of how matter works - or doesn’t work - at the nanoscale remains a mystery.

Letter To The Editor

Column, web site ignore Canada’s advancements

After reading Patti Glaza’s column, “Oh Canada! Sing your praises for your nanotech successes” I came away disappointed.

Letter From The Editor

Dear reader,

I suspect no one in the nanotech community is thanking disgraced stem cell researcher Hwang Woo Suk for duping the world about his breakthroughs in cloning.


Global Watch

Global conference explores strategies for risk governance

This July, delegates to an international conference will meet in Geneva, Switzerland, to consider recommendations aimed at improving the risk governance of nanotechnology.

Global Watch

BASF sets aside $221 million for nano R&D, opens Asian center

BASF, the world’s largest chemical company, is devoting $221 million to nano-technology research and development between 2006 and 2008.

Global Watch

Nanobatteries power China’s energy drive

Other applications could benefit from same dynamic


U.S. envoy for nano at home, abroad

Last fall, Clayton Teague sat under fire as members of Congress peppered him with questions about nanotechnology’s potential for a big oops: nano-based materials or products that could harm people or the environment.

Cover Story

We show you the money

2006 compensation survey reveals salary, benefits trends

Small World

Sony sends AIBO to the pound

Doggone. AIBO, the robotic dog that barks, plays fetch and follows commands, is being discontinued.

From The Front

Patenting in a global economy

Making the various patent systems of the world work more effectively together is a perennial concern.

Small World

Bike team’s success rides on nano-based frame

Team Phonak has a message for the other cyclists racing in the Tour de France this summer: Eat our dust.


Rampd Updates


A MEMS-based cell manipulator, a pilot test for an energy grid monitor and more


Air mouse threatens to replace TV remotes

Startup expects to sign deals for Loop, navigation system



Recent deals

Download a PDF of Equity and debt financing.

Special Report

NIST measures its worth with assessment project

On Jan. 19, a mix of industrial, government and academic researchers and officials gathered on the campus of Rice University in Houston to discuss one of the stumbling blocks facing nanobiotechnology.

Special Report

They’re all different

Engineered nanoparticles appear in a variety of shapes, and their size, shape and composition affect how they behave.

Special Report

EPA considers program to report voluntarily on nanomaterials

On the principle that it should understand something before it tries to regulate it, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is considering a proposal to encourage companies to volunteer information about nanomaterials that they manufacture or use in their products.


Nano’s all dressed up with nowhere to go

VC funding hits high but no IPO party yet

Special Report

Particle size matters

Studies fail to include basics for assessing toxicity