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Solid State Technology

Year 2009
Issue 1



Report: Cell phones drive market for MEMS switches

MEMS switches and varicap products are finding their way into commercial products despite the economic downturn, thanks to increased interest from cell phone companies, according to a report from the research group Yole Développement.

Under The Microscope

You tell us: Who’s the Nanotech Idol among universities?

Universities and technical colleges around the world are where people go to obtain “higher learning.


The payoff for pursuing non-chip markets? Less volatility (hopefully)

As president of VLSI Research Inc., Risto Puhakka has responsibility for subscription services, sales, marketing, and business development.


University Rankings Surv

University rankings survey

Here’s your chance to provide your input to the annual Small Times University Rankings Survey, to be delivered as a Special Report in PDF format toward the end of March.

Nanotechnology Enables A

Nanotechnology enables a major manufacturing paradigm shift

Much has been said about the great impact and improvements nanotechnology will make in our lives–offering cost-effective green energy, medical treatment and therapy breakthroughs, and new advanced nanoelectronics that are small and ubiquitous, even becoming a part of our future wardrobe.

Carbon Nanotubes May Poi

Carbon nanotubes may point the way toward “smart” brain materials

Think small, think smart–that is the essence of research into carbon nanotubes (CNTs) currently underway in Italy and Switzerland that has tremendous implications in the search to find ways to “bypass” faulty brain wiring.

2008 A Watershed Year Fo

2008: A watershed year for consumer and mobile MEMS sensors

For the first time in its history, the MEMS market will fail to generate any growth in 2008.

Lab On A Chip Vast Promi

Lab-on-a-chip: Vast promises,real restraint

Advances in lab-on-a-chip technology are driving development of low-cost, high-throughput applications for in-the-field diagnostics, cancer research, and other unmet needs in the healthcare field.

Mems Resonators Vs Cryst

MEMS resonators vs. crystal oscillators for IC timing circuits

Since the early 1980s, companies have been trying to replace quartz with silicon MEMS-based oscillators as the frequency reference in clock and timing oscillators.