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Solid State Technology

Year 2006
Issue 10


Inventorrsquos Corner

Defect analyzer

The latest contamination control innovations and inventions

Your Market Analysis

Continued growth in 2007 for cleanroom products and services

The world market for cleanroom consum-ables in 2007 will be over $5 billion, while the amount spent on new rooms will be $3.

Setting The Standard

IEST WG-CC036: Testing Fan Filter Units

Working group aims to develop uniformity in FFU testing parameters and reporting data

From The Editor

They still don’t get it

Last June, I wrote an editorial entitled “Why doesn’t the food industry get it?,” in which I made the case that expecting the entirely voluntary application of modern contamination control standards and practices to ensure a safe food supply was totally unrealistic and, in fact, dangerous and irresponsible.



Sealing manufacturer opens new facility in Shanghai

The Trelleborg Group, developer of high-performance sealing and damping solutions, recently inaugurated its newly constructed manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China.


Laminate manufacturer upgrades Singapore facility

Isola Group, SARL (Chandler, AZ; www.isola-group.), a designer, developer and manufacturer of high-performance base materials for the printed circuit board industry, recently announced extensive upgrades to its Singapore manufacturing facility.


East meets West

CleanRooms China and Product Display 2006 sees high attendance



News snippets from the world of contamination control


Contamination control challenges extend beyond fabs to toolmakers

It was after production units started shipping that the contamination problems cropped up, says Kimberly Subrahmanyan, engineering director for the semiconductor link processing group at Electro Scientific Industries, Inc.



Cost control for microelectronic, MEMS and nanotechnology facilities

Understanding total costs early on is key to successful cost control


AC fan-driven cleanroom fan filter units benefit from TRIAC and network control

AC control options and networked solutions offer advantages and cost savings


PAT, tougher standards push improved microbial air monitoring

Increased attention to microbiological contamination forces a greater focus on air sampling technology


Ionizer pin cleaning maintains performance

Avoiding contaminant build-up is critical for controlling electrostatic charge

Special Report

Hospitals need to do more than “make us better”

Ionizers, remote sensors, monitoring, and material choices all contribute to control


New Products

new products

Each month, CleanRooms brings you a collection of the latest product innovations in the contamination-control industry.

Product Spotlight

Doors and pass-throughs

The transfer of product or equipment from one area to another presents a prime opportunity for a contamination event to occur.