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Solid State Technology

Year 2006
Issue 5


Inventors Corner

Device for storing and moving substrate cassettes

Semiconductor devices are made on substrates, such as silicon wafers or glass plates.

Your Market Analysis

Cleanroom market misconceptions

Sometimes what appears logical is, in fact, incorrect when it comes to cleanroom markets and technologies

From The Editor

Smarten up, people!

Ok, maybe the headline is a bit disingenuous, but I’m actually not writing to castigate anyone for his or her poor judgment or lack of intelligence.

Setting The Standard

The ITRS and AMC: More control on the way?

To those charged with establishing and maintaining the appropriate controlled environments for leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing, airborne molecular contam-ination (AMC) can appear to be a moving target.



CHIPS: Defects dodged at the nanoscale level

Defects in fabrication and errors during operation will become a fact of life for electronic circuits at the nanoscale.


Semiconductor industry capital spending to increase 10 percent

Total expected to be second highest on record


Contamination control in space

Containment a key issue as space agencies move closer to collecting Mars samples


Three ISO cleanroom documents now American National Standards

The Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST) recently announced that three ISO/TC 209 Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments documents have become American National Standards: ISO 14644-3, Test Methods; ISO 14644-5, Operations; and ISO 14644-7, Separative devices (clean-air hoods, glove boxes, isolators, mini-environments).


Contact lenses in compliance, but component interactions could be cause of recent outbreak

Although the outbreak last month of contact lens-related Fusarium keratitis bore the initial markings of a manufacturing-related contamination problem, government and industry officials involved with the investigation are close to fingering a combination of product factors in the field as the likely cause.


Filter industry is standardizing, hopefully, on a standard

Unlike heads, two technical standards aren't better than one.



Guidelines for accurate cleanroom CFD modeling

All relevant physics and heat sources must be considered


Preparing for cleanroom certification and validation

Do you know everything that’s needed to get your cleanroom tested?


A look at the future of reactivity monitoring for cleanroom AMC

Characterizing the destructive potential of corrosive contaminants

Special Report

Monitoring AMC

Protect your yield from molecular contaminants


New Products

New Products

Milliken has announced the release of its new wiper innovation, Anticon?? with Particle Attraction Technology (PAT).

Product Spotlight

Cleanroom storage systems

Indeed, there are hundreds and hundreds of storage system manufacturers. However, there are only a few whose products are compatible with the special needs inherent in a cleanroom environment.