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Solid State Technology

Year 2006
Issue 4


Inventors Corner

Inventor’s corner

The latest contamination-control innovations and inventions


Clarifying statements about disposable cleanroom garments

Observations concerning a recent column addressing disposable garment use and markets

Setting The Standard

Help yourself: How membership in the IEST benefits you

So, how’s your career going? Are you satisfied with your place in the industry? Have you reached the pinnacle of your profession? Do you know as much as you’d like to know? Are you looked upon as the technical go-to person in your organization?

From The Editor

Sounds like contamination control to me

Having just returned from a few days in Europe, visiting SEMICON Europe as well as a hospital equipment show in the Czech Republic in preparation for the CleanRooms Europe Conference & Exhibition coming up this October in Brno, I thought it was particularly appropriate that our Special Report this month is addressing the subject of microbial contamination and infection control.




Compiled by Karen Moltenbrey


New AFM probe offers faster, more comprehensive analysis of nanomaterials

Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology and Stanford University have developed a highly sensitive atomic force microscopy (AFM) technology capable of high-speed imaging that could be useful in measuring microelectronic devices and observing fast molecular interactions in real time.


Nanotechnology: No small CCT issue

While size-wise, nanotechnology deals in objects that are quite small-typically particles measuring less than 100 nm-the ensuing contamination-control issues are, in fact, quite large.


Family business celebrates a century in contamination control

Lymtech Scientific, a division of John R. Lyman Company, celebrated its 100th-year anniversary last month at the annual CleanRooms Contamination Control Technology (CCT) Conference & Exhibition in Boston.


CleanRooms CCT Conference and Expo scores well with attendees

Nearly 800 attendees of the CleanRooms Contamination Control Technology (CCT) Conference and Exhibition last month in Boston were introduced to state-of-the-art contamination-control products ranging from filtration, to cleanroom garments, to testing equipment and more, all presented by a host of vendors with displays on the sizable show floor.


Japanese companies collaborate for semiconductor development

Collaboration appears to be a sign of the times and may impact future cleanrooms


CH2M HILL clears final hurdle, obtains a general contracting license to operate in China

Following a complex, 14-month application process, engineering firm CH2M HILL (Denver, CO) received a general contractor’s license from the Shanghai Ministry of Construction in China, enabling the company to extend its range of services in what has become one of the largest markets in the world.



Understanding USP 797

Unraveling the requirements for compounding sterile preparations


Biosensor monitoring of the cleanroom environment

Integrated circuit sensors: Combining the living bacterial cell with microchips


Cleanroom floors: Supporting our future

Design, construction must keep pace with evolving needs

Special Report

Drug-resistant pathogens drive a more concerted effort against microbial contamination

The threat of “superbugs” and the frustrating prevalence of hospital-acquired (nosocomial) infections are spurring stepped-up vigilance for microbial contamination in health-care settings.


New Products

New products

Compiled by Angela Godwin

Product Spotlight

Cleanroom packaging materials

Many manufacturing companies need to properly package delicate products for shipment around the world.