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Solid State Technology

Year 2008
Issue 12


Product Spotlight

modular cleanrooms

Modular hardwall and softwall cleanrooms can be found in a variety of industries and applications.

New Products

New Products

Compiled by Carrie Meadows

Buyers Guide

2009 CleanRooms Buyers Guide

The premier resource for buyers of contamination control products and services.

From The Editor

Show me the quality

What the heck are they teaching at the university business schools these days? Apparently, based on the brain trusts now running most of the world’s banks and corporations, it’s a curriculum pretty lean on economics and sound business practices and with a heavy emphasis on political science.

Industry Innovators

Comfort is key for cleanroom garment compliance

Merging contamination control technology with garment comfort and ease of use reduces the risks to cleanroom operations.


Alliance Targets Orthogo

Alliance targets orthogonal virus inactivation

Two German companies are cooperating to manufacture and market technology used to inactivate viruses in biopharmaceutical products.

Iest Experts Named Conve

IEST experts named convenors of new ISO 14644 nanotechnology effort

A new nanotechnology Working Group (WG), formed in September by ISO Technical Committee 209 (ISO/TC 209) Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments, will begin work in 2009 on developing standards for the nanoscale.

Shift In Wafer Manufactu

Shift in wafer manufacturing carries weight of environmental and energy concerns

A focus on environmental responsibility and energy efficiency at this year’s semiconductor manufacturing week, hosted in late October by the Sematech subsidiary ISMI (Austin, TX), could have far-reaching consequences, as the demand for greenness percolates through the supply chain.

Entegris To Cut 200 Jobs

Entegris to cut 200 jobs and close plant

As reported by Saint Paul, Minnesota-based Pioneer Press, Entegris, Inc., a supplier to the semiconductor and electronics industry, has announced it will close the larger of its two manufacturing plants in Chaska, MN, cutting 200 jobs, as the company shifts work closer to its Asian customers.


Special Report

Something in the air

Cleanroom operators in life sciences and microelectronics both require compliance to ISO standards for air cleanliness and instrument performance, finding continuous monitoring systems advantageous in the battle against airborne contaminants.


Cleanroom floors ‘LEED’ the way to greener facilities

What is the impact of environmental concerns on today’s clean environments?