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Solid State Technology

Year 2008
Issue 9


From The Editor

Back to school days

It seems hard to believe, but summer is already winding down. Days are getting shorter, and the kids are heading back to school.




compiled by Carrie Meadows

Particle Counters And Pr

Particle counters and practices step up to ISO calibration standard

The recent passage of an international standard for particle-counter calibration–ISO 21501-4–is having a ripple effect among contamination control practitioners:

Lsquogreenrsquo Light Sh

‘Green’ light shines on SEMICON West

It wasn’t springtime but this year’s SEMICON West was nonetheless green.

Contaminated Pepper Trai

Contaminated pepper trail reveals complexity of trace-back effort

If nothing else, the recent Salmonella Saintpaul outbreak from contaminated jalapeño and serrano peppers demonstrates that food trace-back in the global supply chain requires a combination of resources, coordination, and speed.


Where Are The Cleanrooms

Where are the cleanrooms?

Defining and calculating the number of active cleanrooms worldwide poses a challenge.


Best Practices In Enviro

Best practices in environmental monitoring automation

In the aseptic environment, an automated EM program ensures optimum control over potential contamination.


Optimize semiconductor HVAC filtration through evaluation

Chemical air filtration combined with on-site analytical evaluation of filtered area and filter solution provides cost reduction by optimizing filter lifetime.

Special Report

The nano revolution

The number of products incorporating nanoscale materials is increasing at a rapid rate, but manufacturers are still struggling to find ways to control these materials in the production environment as they ramp up to commercial scale.


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New Products

Compiled by Carrie Meadows

Product Spotlight

ESD prevention and protection

No matter where you sit, stand, or walk, or what you wear in a critical, clean environment, eliminating electrostatic discharge is a top consideration.