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Solid State Technology

Year 2008
Issue 7


New Products

New Products

Compiled by Carrie Meadows

Product Spotlight

Particle Counters

Particle monitoring is an integral part of maintaining adequate cleanliness levels.

From The Editor

Still beating this drum

I’m not hearing nearly enough about it in the general news, and maybe it’s because the contamination control industry reaches into so many industries that the pattern seems so clear to me.

Sales Of Ultrapure Water

Sales of ultrapure water systems to reach $4 billion this year

Semiconductor and power generation industries lead the pack in systems consumption.


New Tech Vaccine Plant B

New-tech vaccine plant balances GMP with sustainability

At the opening of its vaccine-production plant in May, Novavax Inc. president and chief executive Rahul Singhvi, Sc.D.,

Working Group Cleans Up

Working Group cleans up at first session

As a first-time attendee at an Institute for Environmental Science and Technology (IEST) Working Group session, one probably doesn’t expect an animated crowd of participants sticking neon Post-It® notes on the walls.


Achieving Particle Count

Achieving particle counting accuracy

ISO 21501 offers standard methodology for calibrating optical particle counters.

Is The Glovesleeve The W

Is the glovesleeve the weak link of a containment system?

To maximize containment, all aspects of the glove and sleeve must be routinely inspected and tested.


Achieving comprehensive fab monitoring with optical particle counters

Contamination monitoring bolsters semiconductor manufacturers’ efforts to keep up with shrinking critical dimensions and cost and energy reductions.

Special Report

Fabs fight the neverending war on contamination

In the wafer fab, no matter how hard you fight, there are some battles you’ll never win.

Show Guide

SEMICON West 2008

Showguide includes conference highlights and exhibitor showcase.