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Solid State Technology

Year 2008
Issue 3


Compounding Corner

Maximizing outsourcing for compounding sterile preparations

When responsibility shifts to the contracted facility, qualifying the pharmacy for USP <797> is of the utmost importance.

New Products

New Products

Compiled by Jason Andrukaitis

From The Editor

What’s everybody doing?

The number one goal of this publication is to provide our audience of contamination control professionals the very latest and most useful information available.

Product Spotlight


Today’s critical environments must not only adhere to strict contamination control standards but also meet the needs of individual industries and customers.


Charges Filed In Contami

Charges filed in contaminated pet food scheme

The Food and Drug Administration???s (FDA???s) Office of Criminal Investigations announced that two Chinese nationals and the businesses they operate???

The Forecast Chilly At F

The forecast: Chilly at first, then warming???maybe

Spring may be around the corner, but the prediction is for a chill to continue for at least the first half of the year.

Iso 14644 6 Vocabulary A

ISO 14644-6 vocabulary approved as American national standard

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard 14644-6, Cleanrooms and controlled environments???Part 6, Vocabulary, has been approved as an American national standard.



compiled by Jason Andrukaitis

Press Report Targets Pha

Press report targets pharma QC in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican industry officials report little impact from an early February press report that implied sub-par quality control practices among the island’s drug makers.


Liquid Particle Counting

Troubleshooting for liquid particle counting

How to ensure that quality data is being obtained from optical particle counters (OPCs) in liquid applications.


Make protocols the top priority for ISO 7 cleanrooms

Designs can only be successful if the proper actions are taken to maintain cleanliness levels

Special Report

Battling biofilm

The best sanitation programs are designed along with the product and aggressively implemented early in the manufacturing process.



PHILADELPHIA MARCH 26-28, 2008 Pennsylvania Convention Center.


Solar Technology

Germany/Europe drive dramatic photovoltaic industry growth

Solar energy companies are ready for their day in the sun.

Semiconductor Technology

Global semiconductor market drives European fab upgrades

Construction spending and cleanroom space growth are in line with past several years, driven by migration to 300-mm technology.


It’s the best/worst of times for European bioprocessing

Despite mixed signals biotech marches on, and takes contamination control technology along with it.

Hospital Infection Contr

HAI awareness drives investment in infection control products and systems

The concept of disease prevention is simple–but not easy.

Automotive Manufacturing

Coming clean

Cleanliness and critical environment controls are essential for the manufacture of modern automobiles.