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Solid State Technology

Year 2009
Issue 1


From The Editor

No nanoworries?

I used to be concerned that inadequate precautions and safety systems were in place for the research, development, and manufacture of nanoscale products.

Product Spotlight

Barrier isolators/laminar flow benches/workstations

Minienvironments and isolation equipment play an important role in reducing contamination through exposure to airborne particles and human contact.

New Products

New Products

Compiled by Carrie Meadows


New Techniques Detect Da

New techniques detect danger for the smallest consumers

The 2008 death of six infants in China due to melamine poisoning spurred international outrage and increasing concern about shortcomings in global food-safety monitoring strategies.

Second Life For Semi Equ

Second life for semi equipment

A growing number of companies are seeking buyers for surplus semiconductor wafer-processing gear.


Interphex 2009.html

Interphex 2009

Special Report

Saving green by being green

Today’s chip fabricators seek a balance between cost- and energy-conscious solutions.


Packaging ultrapure chemicals in plastic

Maintaining the high purity of chemicals during filling and packaging reduces the risk of contamination in semiconductor processes.


Getting the bugs out

What will the next generation of media for cleanrooms bring?

Evaluating The Activity

Evaluating the activity of disinfectants against fungi

Choose an antimicrobial chemistry that addresses mold isolates specific to your cleanroom operations.