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Solid State Technology

Year 2006
Issue 6


Your Market Analysis

Diversity in size, application and geography typify new cleanroom construction market-Part 1

Cleanrooms are utilized by semiconductor, pharmaceutical, flat panel display, aerospace, food and other manufacturers who need to protect products and/or workers from airborne contaminants.

Inventorrsquos Corner

Disposable fluid separation device and manifold assembly design with easy change-out feature

Conventional fluid separation units with fittings are often installed in small spaces, making it difficult to change out the filter unit.

Setting The Standard

Update on IEST WG-CC003 activities

A look at garment system considerations for cleanrooms and other controlled environments

From The Editor

Immediate action required for CSPs

There can be absolutely no excuse or justification for the lack of a federally mandated and strictly enforced code of federal regulations for the compounding of sterile preparations (CSPs) across this country.



News snippets from the world of contamination control


Demand for food safety products on the rise

According to a new study from The Freedonia Group, Inc. (Cleveland, Ohio), the demand for food safety products in the U.S. will increase 5.5 percent per year to over $2 billion in 2010.


Microbial monitoring system helps pinpoint contamination

Conventional microbial collection and monitoring technologies don’t readily distinguish contamination from microbial contaminants present in a cleanroom air system from that introduced by other sources.


Supplier receives proposal for ozone food safety process

Produce Safety & Security International, Inc. (PDSC), an ozone and chemical sanitation disinfectant process supplier to the food industry and medical/dental facilities, has received a proposal, from a soon-to-be-announced technology partner, for E. coli bacteria sanitization-level monitoring.


IEST presents technical awards

The Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST) acknowledged the technical accomplishments of its members and supporters at the annual awards recognition and annual membership meeting that took place during ESTECH 2006 in May.



Must-haves vs. nice-to-haves: Selecting the right cleanroom construction materials

The question of modular versus conventional cleanroom construction is increasingly common in high-tech industries, and one that may have a different answer depending on each individual project.


Cleanroom aseptic detailing

I’m willing to bet that I can identify one characteristic that every reader of this article has in common.


Test results indicate significant differences in particle capture and retention characteristics of wipers

How well does a wiper wipe? When it comes to cleaning or removing micron or submicron size contaminants from surfaces, that’s a tougher question to answer than one would imagine.

Special Report

The new bar in sterile compounding raises questions about how to achieve it

Despite the somewhat daunting physical clean-space requirements in USP 797, a bigger worry for compounding pharmacies is educating staff in proper aseptic and containment techniques.


New Products

Each month, CleanRooms brings you a collection of the latest product innovations in the contamination control industry

Product Spotlight

Gas/liquid delivery

Keeping process gases and/or water free from contamination is vital, regardless of the classification level of the surrounding environment or cleanliness of the equipment.