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Solid State Technology

Year 2006
Issue 2


Your Market Analysis

Reusable Cleanroom Garments, Part 1

In the December issue of CleanRooms, this column focused on the use of disposable garments.

Setting The Standard

IEST-RP-CC001.4: HEPA and ULPA filters

In most cleanrooms, the final step in removing airborne particles occurs in the HEPA or ULPA filter that’s delivering air into a controlled space.

From The Editor

It’s your event! It’s free!! Take advantage of it!!!

With the CleanRooms Contamination Control Technology (CCT) Conference and Exhibition coming to Boston on March 15 and 16, it should be a busy and exciting month for all of us at CleanRooms and, hopefully, for many others in the contamination-control profession as well.



CC experts share real-world experiences

Procedures and protocol are important and necessary, but gathering information and advice from experienced peers is priceless.



Compiled by Angela Godwin


Funding future semiconductor contamination control

Along with the usual New Year’s resolutions, the semiconductor industry has one that impacts contamination control and cleanrooms.


Collaboration to manufacture high-sensitivity biosensors for food and clinical samples

A new mass-detection system utilizing microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and a unique resonating sensor is being developed by a collaboration of academic, industrial and government groups, and initially promises several performance improvements over existing technologies in the detection of foodborne pathogens, infectious diseases and cancer.


Faster ID for flu strains

CombiMatrix Corp. has produced a CMOS chip for the timely identification of influenza strains.


University of Cincinnati’s BSL3 lab enters second year

In February 2005, the University of Cincinnati opened a microbiological research laboratory to train researchers in the study of infectious agents and examine pathogens falling within the Bio Safety Level 3 (BSL3) category.


FDA offers guidance for efficient early-stage drug development

As part of a major new initiative to modernize current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) regulations and simplify clinical development, the FDA ( has released two documents offering guidance for advancing the earliest phases of clinical research.



Matching sealing materials to CIP and SIP processes

Specifying the right seal material when CIP and SIP are used is not a simple matter.

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Special Report

Rising energy costs dictate cleanroom design

Cleanroom owners industrywide look to shrink expenses while battling high utility bills and the lure of cheap foreign labor


New Products

New Products

Compiled by Angela Godwin