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Solid State Technology

Year 2008
Issue 10


New Products

New Products

Compiled by Carrie Meadows

Product Spotlight

Laminar flow workstations

Larger facilities often require just a few “critical clean” areas, making laminar flow workstations an appropriate solution.

From The Editor

It ain’t no blarney

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending the ICCCS Conference & Exhibition held in Cork, Ireland.


Atmi Provides Materials

ATMI provides materials/process development and risk management support with global centers

In July, ATMI, Inc. (Danbury, CT) announced the launch of four High Productivity Development Centers in the United States and Asia, which the materials, process, and handling company plans to utilize to support customers integrating new semiconductor development and manufacturing processes.

As Ics Stack Up Cleanlin

As ICs stack up, cleanliness levels may follow

There’s a growing consensus that the semiconductor industry has no place to go but up???literally.

Risk Gains Momentum Over

Risk gains momentum over reaction in worldwide food-safety efforts

To some consumers, it’s becoming a rock-vs.-hard-place choice in food safety: Risk Salmonella and other types of microorganism contamination or choose irradiation as a means to protect against it.


Hygienic Stainless Steel

Hygienic stainless steel upholds cleanliness requirements for HP water systems

The inherent cleanliness and properties of stainless steel enhanced by preparation processes make it the material of choice for critical applications


Neutron activation analysis supports polysilicon production

Ultra-trace bulk analysis of polysilicon helps meet production demands for high-purity silicon in solar-cell market

Special Report

Safe & Sterile

Dedicated equipment, minimal operator intervention, and single-use technologies are just a few keys to success in the aseptic processing of biopharmaceuticals.

Show Guide

CleanRooms Worldwide eVent

Virtual tradeshow???A first for the CleanRooms group of contamination control technology conferences and exhibitions