Micron EOL 8G DDR3L SDRAMs now available direct From Alliance Memory

01/25/2019  Alliance Memory today announced that it is offering several end-of-life 8G DDR3L SDRAMs for which Micron Technology Inc.

ZEISS launches new high-resolution 3D X-ray imaging solutions

01/23/2019  ZEISS today unveiled a new suite of high-resolution 3D X-ray imaging solutions for failure analysis (FA) of advanced semiconductor packages, including 2.5/3D and fan-out wafer-level packages.

Agile manufacturing of glass carriers for advanced packaging

01/22/2019  SEMI met with Jay Zhang, business development director at Corning Incorporated, to discuss recent innovations at Corning that allow fine granularity CTE engineering as well as high Young’s modulus.

Corning Precision Glass Solutions introduces advanced packaging carriers optimized for fan-out processes

01/22/2019  Corning Incorporated today introduced its latest breakthrough in glass substrates for the semiconductor industry – Advanced Packaging Carriers.

Soitec expands collaboration with Samsung Foundry on FD-SOI wafer supply

01/22/2019  Soitec (Euronext Paris), a designer and manufacturer of innovative semiconductor materials, announced today an expanded collaboration with Samsung Foundry to ensure the volume supply of fully depleted silicon-on-insulator (FD-SOI) wafers.

How to add machine intelligence or AI to EDA tools

01/18/2019  Constant coverage of an invigorating topic like machine intelligence in the media often urges us to consider its use in EDA technology.

Value of semiconductor mergers and acquisitions falls considerably

01/17/2019  2018 semiconductor M&A valued at $23.2 billion, down from the record $107.3 billion in 2015.

Rambus acquires memory technology assets of Diablo Technologies

01/17/2019  Rambus Inc. today announced it has acquired the assets of Diablo Technologies to broaden its portfolio in the hybrid DRAM and Flash memory markets.

Rudolph Technologies receives orders for over $15M from major memory manufacturer

01/15/2019  Process control systems used for advanced packaging of DRAM products in Korea and China facilities; additional orders expected to meet capacity ramp.

Advanced testing paradigm shifting in era of heterogeneous integration

01/14/2019  SEMI Taiwan Testing Committee founded to strengthen the last line of defense to ensure the reliability of advanced semiconductor applications.

Flash memory remains primary target for capex spending

01/11/2019  2019 to be third year of greater than $25.0B in spending for flash, topping both DRAM, foundry.

Future shines bright for European photonics industry

01/10/2019  SEMI met with Dr. Jose Pozo, director of Technology and Innovation at EPIC (European Photonics Industry Consortium), to discuss how 3D packaging applications and heterogeneous integration trends are shaping the European technology landscape.

Rudolph Technologies announces rapid adoption of the Dragonfly G2 system for advanced packaging inspection

01/08/2019  One quarter after release, the new Dragonfly platform achieves market recognition in advanced macro inspection with multiple deliveries to world’s largest OSAT.

Intevac announces significant increase in photonics backlog

12/21/2018  Intevac, Inc. announced today it has received multiple new program awards that together increase Photonics backlog by over $35 million, to an expected five-year record level at year-end 2018.

Would Apple change the power GaN world?

12/20/2018  Today, it is crystal-clear that, from theoretical point of view, GaN offers fantastic technical advantages over traditional Si MOSFETs.

Assessing the promise of gallium oxide as an ultrawide bandgap semiconductor

12/18/2018  Researchers at the University of Florida, the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory and Korea University provide a detailed perspective on the properties, capabilities, current limitations and future developments for one of the most promising UWB compounds, gallium oxide.

JEDEC updates groundbreaking high bandwidth memory standard

12/17/2018  JEDEC Solid State Technology Association announced the publication of an update to JESD235 High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) DRAM standard.

FO-WLP panel production becomes a reality

12/13/2018  Panel FO-WLP is in production at Powertech Technology, Inc. (PTI) for MediaTek’s power management integrated circuit (PMIC) for smartphone applications.

General industry slowing coupled with geopolitical strife

12/12/2018  Now that most companies in our sector analyses have reported their calendar third quarter 2018 financial results, we have final or 3Q'18/2Q'17 growth estimates for the world electronic supply chain.

Lattice Semiconductor appoints Glenn O'Rourke as Corporate VP, Global Operations

12/11/2018  Lattice Semiconductor Corporation announced the appointment of Glenn O’Rourke as the Company’s Corporate Vice President, Global Operations, effective immediately.


Environment, Safety & Health

Date and time TBD

The semiconductor industry is an acknowledged global leader in promoting environmental sustainability in the design, manufacture, and use of its products, as well as the health and safety of its operations and impacts on workers in semiconductor facilities (fabs). We will examine trends and concerns related to emissions, chemical use, energy consumption and worker safety and health.

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Wafer Processing

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As the industry moves to 10nm and 7nm nodes, advances in wafer processing – etch, deposition, planarization, implant, cleaning, annealing, epitaxy among others – will be required. Manufacturers are looking for new solutions for sustained strain engineering, FinFETs, FDSOI and multi-gate technologies, 3D NAND, and high mobility transistors.

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