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Solid State Technology provides leading edge and strategic articles and commentary for professionals in the semiconductor, packaging, MEMS, LED and display manufacturing industry worldwide. It is an essential resource for keeping up-to-date on the incredibly complex technical and business issues facing this manufacturing industry!

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10 thoughts on “Subscriber Not Found

  1. Richard Darnley


    I registered an hour ago but I keep on being sent to the “subscriber not found” page.

    Could someone rectify this please?


    1. sdavis

      Hi Richard,

      I am sorry you’re experiencing these issues. Could you please email me at [email protected] the information you used to subscribe? We will make sure that you are in our subscriber database.

      Thank you,
      Shannon Davis
      Editor, Digital Media

  2. Donis Flagello

    I just subscribed. I am trying to get a copy of an issue in 1977 of Solid State Technology. Is this possible ?


  3. Rajiv Kohli

    I have subscribed and my subscript has been confirmed. However, I cannot access the magazine archives.

    Rajiv Kohli

  4. Leslie Lea

    Would just like to access archive to check paper that I wrote 10 years ago as I do not have copy to hand. Have signed up and received e-mail confirmation but just get subscriber not found message

  5. MJB

    I have just subscribed but there is a subscriber not found message when I attempt to login. Why should I trust a publication about technology that year after year can’t get something this simple correct?


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