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Solid State Technology

Year 2012
Issue 2


Cover Article

Yield challenges and the 450mm learning curve

As the industry evolves to meet consumers' increasing demand for smaller, faster and cheaper devices, chipmakers are growing more focused on the wafer size transition from 300mm to 450mm.

Cover Article

It's 2012: Time to get serious about 450mm?

The effort to actively engage equipment companies in the serious development of tools for 450mm wafers got a major boost last fall with the formal announcement of the investment of serious money by four major semiconductor manufacturers and the state of New York aimed at 450mm development at the Albany Nanotech facility in upstate New York.


Evolution or revolution: the path for metrology beyond the 22nm node

Metrology solutions are currently being investigated by SEMATECH to address the challenges of future nodes. Abraham Arceo, Benjamin Bunday, Aaron Cordes, and Victor Vartanian, SEMATECH, Albany, NY.


Metrology-aided gas purification development

An enhancement in contaminant moisture removal  is acieved for inert (nitrogen, noble) and hydrogen gas purifier by tailoring purifier adsorbent properties. Abneesh Srivastava, Thomas Gaffne, Entegris, Inc., San Diego


Light sources for ArF immersion double patterning

In field studies, the XLR 600ix laser has demonstrated an uptime of 99.8%. Rajasekhar Rao, Slava Rokitski, Rui Jiang, John Melchior, Daniel J. Riggs, and Theodore Cacouris, Cymer Inc., San Diego, CA


Improved copper wire bonding with non-contact metrology

Copper wire is fast gaining popularity for chip bonding, but it is a less understood and less mature process than bonding with gold. A 3D optical microscope can help provide data needed for imprint studies aimed at process optimization and sampling.  Matt Novak , Bruker Nano Surfaces Division, Tucson, AZ.




The maturing semidonductor industry, Pete Singer


Packaging with 3-D architectures

Phil Garrou, Microelectronic Consultants of NC


Integrated smart systems with MEMS sensors

Jay Esfandyari, Fabio Pasolini, Gang Xu, STMicroelectronics, Coppell, TX

Industry Forum

Supporting innovation by protecting IP

Dan Donabedian, Ziptronix



The Future is Flexible

Flexible electronics, now being printed, is the future of new applications in sensors, displays, power and lighting according to experts gathered at the FlexTech Alliance 2012 Flexible Electronics & Displays Conference & Exhibition (held Feb. 6-9 in Phoenix).


Thinfilm, PARC Win Award for Printed Addressable Memory

Thin Film Electronics ASA and PARC, a Xerox company, won the FlexTech Alliance Innovation Award for the world's first working prototype of a printed, non-volatile memory device addressed with complementary organic circuits, the equivalent of CMOS circuitry.


LED Market Grew 9.8% To $12.5 Billion In 2011

The worldwide high-brightness LED market grew from $11.3 billion in 2010 to $12.5 billion in 2011, a growth rate of 9.8%, according to Strategies Unlimited, the leading market research firm in LEDs.


2011 ITRS: DRAM, 3D Flash, MEMS, nano-scaling steal the show

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) released the 2011 International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS), a roadmap of near-term and long-term challenges and innovations for the semiconductor design and manufacturing industry through 2026.


SRC Energy Research Initiative Adds Three New Members

Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) added three members to the global Energy Research Initiative (ERI) that focuses on new technologies for renewable energy and its efficient and reliable distribution on the power grid.


MAPPER Lithography tech resolves 22nm

Research institute CEA-Leti shows "significant progress" with the MAPPER Lithography massively parallel direct write technology, resolving 22nm dense lines and spaces and 22nm dense contact holes in positive chemically amplified resist.

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